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New 80 LTR Wheelie Bin in a wide range of colours.


Base and Lid colour are interchangable.

$66.95 *


Suitable for Commercial kitchens, Large office blocks, Glass collection, General storage, General waste, Clinical Waste and Hospitality.

$66.95 *

60lt Wheelie Bin, Available in Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. Great for Schools, Offices, Toy Boxes, etc


$59.95 *
Delivery weight: 6 kg

Steel Wheelie Bin Axles

Steel Wheelie Bin Axles available for all two wheeled bins.

.Easy to buy online.


Priced From : $12.00 *
Delivery weight: 500 g

 80L 120L 240L Sizes are available

Foot-pedal operated bin-lid lifting device has been designed specifically for industrial or commercial use and has been in constant use in diverse industries since 1996.

Priced From : $339.90 *

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