JWB Clearance Centre

JWB Clearance Centre

Comming soon

Big clearance sale of many factory seconds 2 wheeled bins, also loads of Front Lift bin spares, like castors, lids, lid stays etc.

Once we move into the new warehouse we will do a stock take and list all items to be cleared out.

Stay tuned.




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Heavy duty podwer coated Double Wheelie Bin stand will secure and protect your bins.

Please click on image for further information.

$350.00 *

Refurbished Locking Wheelie Bin Stand to suit 120lt, 140lt or 240lt wheelie bin.

$150.00 *

In stock

Used Yellow Cabri Hooded Lid with flap

To suit 240lt Bin

3 Available

$30.00 *

In stock

* Price inclusive of GST