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Our New Web Site

Our New Web Site

Hello to all our valued clients.

Hey did you notice we look differant ,VERY differant that is.

After some 14 years of the same look we have taken the plunge and gone with a fresh look.

Just Wheelie Bins were the first Waste Equipment supply company to come to the internet as a market place, it was a very interesting time back then, it still is, no body knew what they were doing or how it worked. Happily for JWB we we very successful so much so that others joined us which we thought was a good thing as well.

Moving forward 14 years we are still here offering great value on Australian Made Wheelie Bins and accessories, as well as providing a range of infield service to Municiple and Corporate clients.

Yes it a new look, but it's still the same family run buseness, providing emloyment for 4 staff and 3 family members, offering the same great sefvice and commitment to what we do and always looking to improve.

Please enjoy your time on the site, if you see an error or have some input for improvment get in touch with us, we are interested in what you have to say.

Use this contact form: > Contact Form Click Here

Kind Regards

Malcolm and Yasmin



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