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Wheelie Bins what are they used for?

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What are Wheelie Bins, that's an interesting question, some 20 years ago in Australia MGB's or Mobile Wheelie - Bin were introduced into the country, and what a great innovation it was, MGB's were coincided a safer alternative to the traditional method of waste collection as with the introduction of the MGB came the One Armed Bandit, the garbage truck we commonly see roaming our residential streets emptying wheeled bins, keeping the machine operator away from the vehicles moving parts.

MGBs or 2 Wheeled Bin have many uses for example residential waste collection, home gardeners composting, warehouses,home storage, water storage, there usage is almost endless.
Their is a range of bins available on this site from 2 wheeled to 4 wheel, 60 litre up to 1100 liter, have a think about it, there great for Schools to help educate waste management from recycling and waste separation, storage around the home, feed storage for live stock, its endless.

Check out this reference from Wikipedia Kerbside Containers maybe you can help and add some references.

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