Wheelie Bins FAQs

Wheelie Bins FAQs








I'm not sure how big 240 and 120 Litre Bins are?


 240 LTR bins are the larger bins (100 cm) - they stand somewhere between your waist and armpit depending on how tall you are.  


 120 LTR  bins are the smaller bins (90 cm) - they stand around waist height depending on how tall you are.




New / Factory Over Run / Used Bins - How should I choose?


New Bins


  • Choice of 12 colours


Factory Over Run Bins


  • No colour choice available
  • May have a council or company name 'hot stamped' on the bin and/or lid. We are required to cover the stamp with a 'justwheeliebins' sticker as it leaves the warehouse.
  • May have a small colour run (different Bin colour) in the bin. Most of our customers really like this - the bin is unique, and often looks quite artistic!
  • Cheaper than new, but still a new bin


Used Bins


  • Pre -loved (Abused?) bins that are dirty - we don't clean the bins.
  • Cleaning required ranges from a good hose out, to a scrub, or all the way to a degrease and pressure clean. Call us to ask what the current used bins are like. 
  • Functionally as new.
  • Cheapest Bins.


Do you ship anywhere in Australia?


We have customers in the most remote locations across Australia. We also have customers in Asia and South Africa.


Please email or call one of our friendly team if you have any queries.  |   1300 justbins (free call)


Just to make things clear here .... a 240 LTR Wheelie Bin holds 240 LTRS ....  just as a  120 LTR Wheelie Bin holds 120 LTRS  -  and yes, we do get asked this A LOT !