Rugged Wheelie Bin Lifter Powered 150

Rugged Wheelie Bin Lifter Powered 150

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Rugged Binlifter 150 KG


The Powered Rugged Bin Lifter 150 is very similar to the Rugged Hand Pump 100, the only difference is that it is powered and can lift an extra 50 KG. The Rugged Powered Wheelie Bin Lifter designed for manouverability. The small foot print and light weight, combined with spark free operation make it the perfect Wheelie Bin lifter for building sites.

This lifter comes in 2 lifting heights - 1500mm  and   1800mm


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Safe Lifting capacity of 150 KG

Lifts   80 LTR Wheelie Bins
         120 LTR Wheelie Bins
         140 LTR Wheelie Bins
          240 LTR Wheelie Bins

Fits through internal doorways
240 V Electric operation or Mobile rechargable 12 V operation

Rugged Bin Lifter 100 Hand Pump

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Product Note Status Price
240 LTR New Wheelie Bin 240 LTR New Wheelie Bin
$84.95 *
Delivery weight: 10 kg
120 LTR New Wheelie Bin 120 LTR New Wheelie Bin
Priced From : $69.95 *
Delivery weight: 12 kg
* Price inclusive of GST
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